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Price determination when selling a property

In order to determine a realistic selling price for your property, you should have a market value appraisal performed. Different valuation methods can be used for a market value estimate. Since the buyer of an income-producing property usually focuses on the yield, the capitalized earnings method is usually used to determine the value.

How to sell your property without a real estate agent

When selling a property, there are some important points to consider in the sales process. This applies regardless of whether you decide to sell your property on your own or work with a professional partner – the process remains fundamentally the same:

  1. Evaluation of the selling price
  2. Preparation of the sales documentation
  3. Preparation of the market presentation and listing of the property
  4. Conducting viewings with prospective buyers
  5. Negotiation and drawing up of the contract
  6. Conclusion of the contract, visit to the notary’s office and entry in the land register

A complete and professionally compiled documentation is indispensable for the sale of your property. Experts believe that clear sales documentation massively increases the chances of selling your property quickly and at a fair price. For the documentation you will need, among other things: 

Pictures (int./ext.) Detailed description 
Land register extract Building insurance certificate
Site and cadastral plan     Market value estimate
Floor plan Building description

If you decide to sell your property or to entrust us with a brokerage mandate, we will support you every step of the way and take care of various tasks for you. In the case of an independent sale, you can have us prepare the documentation (including professional image and video material, 3D tours and sales brochures) for an additional fee, as well as request an external market value appraisal. You can find more information in the section “Selling a property through us”.

Selling a property with a real estate professional – advantages and disadvantages

A sale in cooperation with a professional partner brings various advantages, but also some disadvantages. For example, a partner takes over various tedious and time-consuming tasks – including the preparation of sales documents, the execution of viewing appointments, contract negotiations and notary appointments. You will also be advised on the evaluation of the optimal sales price and the drafting of the sales contract. An additional plus point of a cooperation is the existing network and industry knowledge. There are also other positive aspects:

Selling a property independently is usually less expensive – but also involves a lot of effort. Therefore, it is important to be clear before the sale whether you are happy to take on the effort or would rather hand over this task. 

On our transaction platform you can offer your property for sale on your own or decide to sell it to us. Likewise, you can entrust us with a brokerage mandate.

Taxes and fees when selling a property

When you sell your property, the following taxes and fees may apply:

  • Notary and land registry fees for real estate: regulated by canton, usually borne equally by buyer and seller.
  • Real estate transfer tax for real estate: the amount or existence of which depends on the canton, is levied on the sale.
  • Real estate gains tax for real estate: depends on the holding period of the real estate as well as the amount of the realized gain.

Selling a property through us

You can sell these properties to us

We are looking for properties in German-speaking Switzerland that meet the following criteria:

  • Interesting location in German-speaking Switzerland
  • From 6 units
  • From approx. CHF 5 million
  • New, renovated or in need of renovation properties, commercial properties, approved or under construction real estate projects, building land

You can sell these properties on your own via our platform

You can sell properties that meet the following criteria independently via our platform:

  • From approx. CHF 1 million market value
  • New, renovated or in need of renovation real estate, commercial real estate, approved or under construction real estate projects, building land. 

You can mandate these properties to us

You can mandate us to sell your real estate that meets the following criteria:

  • From approx. CHF 3 million market value
  • New, renovated or in need of renovation real estate, commercial real estate, approved real estate projects or real estate projects under construction as well as building land.

In addition, these criteria should be largely met:

  • Attractive macro and micro location of the property
  • The condition of the property is suitable for the purpose
  • Suitable size of the property
  • Reasonable selling price of the property

How to submit your property for sale to us

Selling your property to us

You can submit your property directly through our platform..

Within 1-2 days you will receive a first feedback from us. If you are interested, you will receive a first binding purchase offer approximately 7 days after submitting your property.

Unlike working with traditional real estate agents, there are no fees for the seller when selling a property through us – these are paid by the buyer.

Independent sale of your property

You start the process directly through our platform. Follow the instructions on the following pages.

Before you can start selling, your identity will be verified using an uploaded identification document. This takes about one working day. Afterwards you can create and publish your ad.

We are personally at your service

My team and I are happy to answer your questions – by phone, e-mail or at a personal appointment.