Property purchase in co-ownership New / redeveloped apartment building in Gerlafingen

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We link our fee to a high degree of achievement of the forecast for the dividend yield.

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This property has already been financed

CHF 3'100'000.- of equity capital invested by 20 co-owners
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Distribution of rental income during the holding period
Participation in value growth in the event of sale
Expected investment horizon 7 years with renewal option
Anticipated sale possible at any time
Invested amounts

CHF 100 000.-
CHF 75 000.-
CHF 100 000.-
CHF 150 000.-
CHF 50 000.-
CHF 50 000.-
CHF 100 000.-
CHF 100 000.-
CHF 450 000.-
CHF 300 000.-
CHF 100 000.-
CHF 180 000.-
CHF 150 000.-
CHF 50 000.-
CHF 100 000.-
CHF 400 000.-
CHF 50 000.-
CHF 45 000.-
CHF 500 000.-
CHF 50 000.-

Funds to be raised for the acquisition of the property by the co-owners.

Available amount

Assuming full rental according to projected rental rate

  • Notary and land registry fees of CHF 10,800
  • Costs for the market value estimation by Wüest & Partner and the authorised firm Walder Wyss of CHF 15'000
  • Coordination and transaction of co-ownership of CHF 58,320 (Including VAT)
  • Fees for conducting the project & initial letting of CHF 100,000
  • Property transfer taxes of CHF 160,600

After successful purchase of the property, crowdhouse receives a broker's fee from the co-owners to the sum of 3% plus VAT of the purchase price, payable on the day of transfer of ownership. The brokerage fee is already included in the total acquisition costs. It is assumed that the brokerage fee and the ancillary purchase costs will have been amortised before the sale of the property. For this reason, these factors are credited directly to the purchase price and not deducted directly from the investment.

Total acquisition price excluding initial balance

Assumed value based on past experience, calculations and recent developments

Costs not transferable as incidental expenses, charges and insurances.

1% of the investment net rental income

Assuming full rental according to projected rental rate

5% of the annual net rental income serves as a buffer for vacancies and unexpected maintenance costs.

Forecast property success in relation to the co-owners’ equity capital. Potential property performance is not included. When calculating the subsequent co-owner disbursement, cash-flow-relevant factors such as the annual mortgage amortisation and the accrual of the security fund are deducted from the net rental income from the property in order to give a realistic picture of the potential annual distribution to the co-owners. If the security funds have not been not exhausted before the sale, the remaining balance as well as the balances from amortisations made during a sale would be due to the co-owners. In such case, the actual return (excluding performance) is higher than the reported distribution yield on the sale. 

Success Fee Real Estate Asset Management 

The fee will only be deducted if at least 75% of the net rental income reported on the current tenancy rate is achieved on average in the course of a year.

The following services are included in the fee for real estate asset management:

A. Strategic services: At a strategic level, the representative carries out the following

tasks in particular:

  • Regular investment and location analyses;
  • Creation of portfolio and property-specific business plans and real estate strategies;
  • Exit strategy planning or portfolio structuring for the sale.

B. Property: In terms of the property, the agent carries out the following activities in particular:

  • Efficient rental of possibly vacant apartments;
  • Long-term tenant retention;
  • Selection, management and control of service providers such as caretaker, gardener, etc.;
  • Active management of vacancies;
  • Renovation and investment planning;
  • Administration of the security fund;
  • Other tasks relating to property management.

C. Administrative services: At an administrative level, the agent carries out the following activities in particular:

  • Reporting to co-owners and financing bank;

Cash flow risk management;

  • Quarterly and annual financial statements to co-owners;
  • Management of disbursements to co-owners;
  • Data management;
  • Contract management and contract adjustments;

Help desk (Mon-Fri 09.00-17.00) on 044 377 60 61 for the co-owners.

Initial accumulation of security fund

Security buffer based on the average vanacy rate of past years

7-year fixed mortgage from Luzerner Kantonalbank at presumably 0.88%

Assumed value based on experience, calculations and past developments.

Assumed value based on experience, calculations and past developments.

According to the present offer