How we find properties

High-yield quality Swiss properties to not grow on trees, but we know how to find them! You can benefit from our network, industry experience and assessment methods.

Acquisiton of properites

Acquisiton of properites

We have developed a trusted network in the real estate sector and have excellent contacts with owners, developers and brokers of real estate. This helps us to acquire the best properties on the market for you.

The following factors also help us in real estate acquisition:

  • We deliberately concentrate on multi-family houses at locations that are not over-heated or well known, but still attractive.
  • We focus on multi-family houses, which positions its purchase price in a segment that is too big for private investors and too small for institutional investors.
  • We are professionally trained and can, therefore, improve the negotiations for buyers with an effective handling of the purchase. Our success rate for the placement of real estate is 100%. We usually handle transactions at the threefold speed of traditional real estate marketing. That's why most sellers of properties at crowdhouse have done so multiple times.
  • For many properties, we are already entering the construction or reconstruction phase at our own risk very early. As a result of the early start, we can in many cases achieve a significantly better price than would be the case after completion and full rental of the property. As a rule, we take over the construction supervision and the initial letting of the objects in order to ensure the necessary quality.
  • We are ready to make a deposit at our own risk and confirm to the seller that is the case.
By creating additional liquidity in these segments, we achieve significantly better purchase prices than individual investors.
Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Each property we consider is subject to a careful risk assessment and evaluated on over 100 criteria. We check in particular:
  • Profitability and demand
  • Review and purchase price
  • Rental price level, rental price development and vacancy risk
  • Quality of the micro and macro-layer
  • Condition & Construction Quality
  • Attractiveness of the property and the rent
  • Future potential and sustainability
We secure the property

We secure the property

If we are convinced of a property and agree with the seller, we reserve the property. For this, we reimburse the seller of the property with an advance payment in the sense of a remuneration and issue a binding contract.

This will lead to a risk - because if we are not able to make appropriate capital for the purchase of the property on time, we would lose this deposit. Not least, the quality and attractiveness of our properties are our top priority.

Preparing the property

Preparing the property

Before the property can be published to the website we have to prepare the following:
  • We have the property valuated by our review partner, Wüest Partner.
  • We negotiate the best possible terms with the mortgage provider.
  • We work out the best possible contractual conditions for our customers.
  • We provide an overview of all financing
  • We create an object-specific real estate investment strategy and a budget
  • We document each object extensively