How it works

Crowdhouse’s unique co-ownership model allows individuals to become Swiss Real Estate owners from 25’000 CHF with expected returns between 4.5% and 7.5%. With entry in the land register, owning Swiss real estate has never been easier. Here’s how we do it.

The Properties

The quality of the properties is our top priority. We have done everything we can to find the best real estate on the market.
The Properties

All of the real estate presented by crowdhouse are analysed and evaluated internally by our team of experts.

In addition to our own assessment, both our external valuation partner, Wüest & Partner, and respective mortgage provider evaluate and examine each property independently.

Only when we are 100% satisfied with the quality of the property will it be published on the website for investment.  Each property is subject to 3 separate assessments, 2 of which are independent. To help give you a transparent view of each property we provide videos, photos, virtual tours and detailed financial information.


Approximately half the purchase price of the property is co-financed with a mortgage. The remaining funds are distributed among several buyers, offered as co-ownership.

As soon as the co-ownership funds are confirmed and all contracts are signed, the amount is transferred to a joint real estate account. The mortgage bank then transfers the purchase price to the owner of the property. We accompany the entire transaction process, with Walder Wyss representing each co-owner at the notary and land registry as power of attorney.

After purchase, we take over the professional management of the property. Our goal is to maximise the profitability of the property in order to achieve a sustainable, stable return. 

To ensure transparency, each co-owner has access to the e-Banking of the joint real estate account. In addition, we prepare detailed reports, analysis and financial statements every quarter and at the end of the year.

Regular income

Every 3 months, each co-owner receives their share of the rental income. In addition, you will receive a detailed report each quarter.

The report provides a detailed list of all revenue and costs relating to your property. The rental income is paid automatically, directly into your bank account. At the end of the year, you will be invited to the annual co-ownership meeting together with all other co-owners.

Sell Investment

Despite the long term nature of real estate investments, we allow you to quickly and easily sell your co-ownership at any time.

Our trading marketplace makes it easy to sell co-ownership shares at any time. In doing so, we link supply and demand directly on our online platform, enabling the necessary liquidity.

It’s planned for the co-owners to hold the property for at least 5-10 years. After this period, the property is assessed by Wüest & Partner at the current market value and sold at the best possible price. Each co-owner participates proportionately in the performance of the sale.

Optionally, the expiration of the agreed investment period can be extended. This decision can be made by the co-owners with a two-thirds majority.