Simple, profitable and solid

With crowdhouse, you can quickly and easily become inscribed in the property register as co-owner of one or more selected Swiss investment properties. In the following pages you will see exactly how this works.

Property selection

The quality of our properties is our top priority. For this reason, we do everything we can to find the best property on the market. In the majority of cases, we rely on completely refurbished or new apartment buildings in attractive locations.
Property selection

All our properties are extensively reviewed and evaluated in-house by our expert team in advance.

In addition, a market value estimate is drawn up for each property by our valuation partner, Wüest Partner. If necessary, an additional external expert report is also compiled by construction experts. Each property is independently analysed and inspected by the lending bank.

If a property passes these inspections and we are in agreement with the seller regarding conditions, we secure it for you contractually and with a down payment. Subsequently, it is available exclusively for purchase in co-ownership on crowdhouse. You decide which properties and for what amount you acquire co-ownership in your desired property.

Property purchase in co-ownership

About half of the purchase price of the property is co-financed with a fixed-rate mortgage. The equity capital is divided among several buyers and offered in co-ownership.

As soon as all co-owners have been determined, their equity capital is transferred to the common property account. The lending bank then transfers the purchase amount to the owner of the property. We support the entire transaction process. By means of power of attorney, the co-owners are represented by lawyers from Walder Wyss at the notary and land registry office. These thereby enter into the existing purchase contract and are entered in the land register with your co-ownership quota.

After the purchase we take care of the professional management and the property asset management. Our goal is to thereby manage the property profitably, conserve its value and ensure sustainably stable returns.

Since transparency is important to us, each co-owner receives access to the e-banking of the shared property account. There he can monitor all account transactions. In addition, at the end of each quarter and financial year, we prepare detailed reports, analyses and financial statements.

Recurring rental income

The effective rent yield is distributed to the co-owners monthly and definitively determined at the end of the year. In doing so, we orientate ourselves on the respective annual budget and provide a detailed growth report.

The payment is automatically made to your bank account. At the end of the year you will be invited, along with all other co-owners, to the annual co-owner meeting, where you can co-decide on important matters.

Sales and performance

Property investments are fundamentally long-term. Nonetheless, we allow you to easily sell your co-ownership at any time and offer you several options.

Our trading platform makes it easy to sell co-ownership at any time. In doing so, we bring together supply and demand directly on our online platform, thereby providing the necessary liquidity.

Optionally, it is possible to wait for the expiry of the agreed investment period. Thereafter, the majority of co-owners decide on the sale of the entire property. The properties are regularly reassessed by our valuation partner, Wüest Partner. As a result, the co-owner may at any time decide by a majority to resell the entire property at the best possible price.

If, at the end of the holding period, the co-owners decide with a two-thirds majority not to sell the property, the holding period will be extended. Should individual investors nevertheless wish to terminate their investment, they can also do so directly through our trading platform.

In all cases, the co-owners always participate pro rata in the proceeds of the sale.