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Number of properties that have already been financed

> *800* Mio.

Value of properties placed by Crowdhouse, in CHF

> *430* Mio.

Mortgage volume since 2015, in CHF

Supply credit to private property investors

The Crowdhouse co-ownership model combines the needs of private and institutional investors in a unique investment model.

How you become a mortgage partner

We offer attractive properties and support you every step of the way. How it works:

1. Selection & due diligence

2. Submit an offer

3. Property brokerage

4. Transfer of ownership

5. Terminating investment

1. Selection & due diligence

The Crowdhouse platform gives you online access to all the properties for which you can become a mortgage lender. All the documents required for your due diligence and detailed audiovisual documentation are immediately available to you as downloads.

2. Submit an offer

After you have completed your due diligence, you can make us an offer at any time: Within our specifications, you can independently determine the term, volume and loan-to-value ratio as well as the desired interest rate for the mortgage credit.

3. Property brokerage

Crowdhouse selects the most attractive offer submitted. Once you have been awarded the contract as a mortgage lender, we broker the property to the new co-ownership and collect the required equity from private investors via the platform.

4. Transfer of ownership

Once all the required equity has been contractually assured, Crowdhouse takes care of the entire purchasing process and transfer of ownership. As a mortgage partner, you receive a first-charge mortgage as security in the form of a registered mortgage note. The interest is paid to you monthly.

5. Terminating investment

As a lender, you can liquidate the mortgage credit at any time and transfer the mortgage note to a new lender through the Crowdhouse secondary market.

Framework conditions for your mortgage

As a mortgage partner for our properties, you should ideally finance under the following conditions

Loan-to-value ratio

Between 50% and 66%


Between 1 and 10 million CHF


Fixed-rate mortgages with excluded joint and several liability and without amortisation


Between 5 and 10 years

A secure investment with solid interest rates

Crowdhouse opens up the mortgage market for institutional and private investors who wish to prudently invest as long-term property creditors.

Moderate mortgaging

Between 50 % and 66 %

Crowdhouse pursues a moderate and risk-minimising course in external property financing. The desired loan-to-value ratios lie between 50% and 66%. This also offers the necessary security in the event of price corrections. Thus your financing is also BVV2 and BVV3-compliant

Swiss market

Attractive conditions

Scarce building land reserves. High-quality building fabric. Excellent infrastructures. Innovative business location. Demographic change – the Swiss property market offers excellent conditions for long-term stability and security.

High-quality properties

Meticulously analysed

Crowdhouse is only successful when our investors generate returns. This can only be achieved with excellent investment properties. We exclusively provide multi-family properties that we have thoroughly checked ourselves and whose performance we can 100% vouch for in the long term.

Monthly payments

First-ranking mortgages

The interest income for your mortgage is generated annually from the current rental income and paid monthly by means of a standing order. As a creditor, you are in first place. As first-ranking mortgage creditors, your claims take precedence. This means: Even with larger performance losses, your default risk remains low.

Easily accessible

Minimal effort

Thanks to our online platform, you can get started on your due diligence immediately. All the documents are accessible online. We take care of the entire property purchase transaction, communicating with the buyers and supporting you as a partner in all transaction phases.

Exit strategy

With secondary market

Mortgages are usually long-term investments. Nevertheless, your capital is not tied up: If you would like to liquidate your mortgage credit before the term expires, you can sell the register mortgage note at any time through our liquid secondary market – we will assist you to ensure a smooth and simple transaction.

From our portfolio

These are properties that have been financed by our existing mortgage partners

Selection of properties

Only the best 5% of all multi-family properties that we inspect make it into our portfolio. When selecting our properties, we attach the greatest importance to the following criteria:


Rental stability and yield potential: When acquiring properties, we concentrate on those in sought-after large and medium-sized centres and properties with excellent micro-locations in emerging agglomerations with good infrastructure connections.

No renovation backlog

No complicated renovation or maintenance costs during the planned holding period. We strictly adopt this principle and focus on acquiring redeveloped or newly built properties with impeccable building fabric.

Medium volumes

Most of the acquired properties range from 5 to 10 million. Crowdhouse focuses on these object sizes: such volumes are usually too large for private investors. For institutional investors, they are rather too small.

Yield potential

Crowdhouse succeeds when investors generate attractive returns with the properties. The targeted return on equity lies in the range of 5% to 7%. The bases for achieving the corresponding target are the tough but fairly negotiated purchase prices in line with the market and correspondingly justifiable gross returns.

Affordable housing

The Swiss population is getting older, with most people living in 1 to 2-person households and not wishing to spend more than a third of their gross income on their own home. In making acquisitions, we focus exclusively on apartment sizes and floor plans that can meet these needs.

Residential instead of commercial

Letting commercial units is becoming increasingly challenging and the commercial property market is unpredictable. Crowdhouse exclusively focuses on the selection of residential properties with no or a small proportion of commercial space.

Become a mortgage lender

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Robert Plantak

Robert Plantak

Co-founder, CEO & supervisory board

Banks as mortgage partners

When financing our properties, we also work together with renowned banks. Contact us without obligation if your bank wishes to become a long-term Crowdhouse mortgage partner. The following banks, among others, already form part of our partner network: