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With us it’s all about real estate, we’re sure you’ve noticed that much already. We select properties, bring them together with the right investors, and make sure the apartments are always occupied. We do that pretty well.

But we don’t want to stop there. We are building the digital ecosystem for tomorrow’s real estate market. That way, everyone will be able to invest in real estate one day – digitally, at the touch of a button and without spending a fortune. That’d be something, wouldn’t it?

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These are our values

We empower people with purpose to master themselves and access real connections.

Investment Management

The best for our investors

Apart from log cabins, real estate doesn’t grow on trees. That’s why we rely on this team to find the best yield properties on the market, analyse them, negotiate hard with sellers, and secure mortgages at ideal terms.

Asset Management

Goal: Top returns

No tenants, no returns. To prevent this, we have the Real Estate Asset Management team, or REAM for short. It markets vacant apartments, handles accounting and reporting, and ensures that properties remain in good condition.

Product & Technology

The ecosystem architects

We have the most user-friendly real estate agent in Switzerland: our online platforms. Our researchers, designers and developers make sure of this. They’re agile and reach their goals fast.

Marketing & Communication

The show must go on

Video, photo, 3D animation or text? Print, web or even events at the Zurich Film Festival? The Marketing team uses a variety of means and channels to make us and our products even better known.

Relationship Management

The icebreakers

Relationship Status: Work in Progress. This team builds relationships with both customers and business partners, and nurtures them with a personal touch.



Like a Swiss army knife, this team can handle almost anything, from human resources and office management to legal issues. This ensures the other teams perform to their very best.

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