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Your property – your choice

Far more efficient and convenient than conventional methods: Crowdhouse ensures that you can buy your desired property quickly and according to your preferences.

Exclusive offers

Only at Crowdhouse

The multi-family properties, that Crowdhouse offers for sole ownership, you will find only here. Every property is contractually secured and cannot be acquired anywhere else.

Pre-negotiated fixed prices

No bidding process

Crowdhouse offers you all the properties on tough but fair pre-negotiated terms. You have the certainty that you can acquire the offered property at the indicated price – without any hidden costs or price changes.

Own strategy

A choice of mortgages

High yield or geared towards safety? The choice is entirely yours. Crowdhouse will take care of the entire transaction for you and upon request provide you with a mortgage that meets your investment needs.

Individually or with partners

Single purchase or Club Deal

You can also buy all multi-family properties jointly with up to three other partners. Thus multiple investors shoulder the private risk together. Upon request Crowdhouse will bring you together with other individual investors with the same interests.

No effort

Comprehensive service

Crowdhouse supports you through the entire transaction process and takes the work off your hands. We also ensure quick and smooth transfer of ownership and take responsibility for all the coordination.

Property asset management

Tailor-made solution

Buying a multi-family property is one thing – managing it profitably is quite another. Upon request, Crowdhouse will take care of the complete property asset management of your new property – including management and administration.

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Select the suitable mortgage scenario for you

The amount and form of the external loan form an integral part of your investment strategy. Crowdhouse will help you.

Benefit from the network

Crowdhouse works with renowned partner banks to finance single purchase properties. On request, we will take care of organising a tailor-made mortgage on excellent terms.

According to your risk profile

Higher loan-to-value ratios are associated with higher risks, but also offer the opportunity for higher returns. A single purchase gives you full control over your investment.

Example Scenario This is how different forms of lending affect your investment.

7’050’000 CHF

Accepted purchase price

Moderate mortgage

66 % fixed-rate mortgage (10 years, 1.7%)

Equity capital
2’845’786 CHF
Projected return on equity*
6.6 %

Yield-oriented mortgage

80 % Libor (0.7 %)

Equity capital
1’858’786 CHF
Projected return on equity*
12.2 %

* The projected return on equity is based on a simplified scenario using realistic cost estimates based on our experience. The estimated development of the return on equity is not guaranteed and may vary.

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Robert Plantak

Robert Plantak

Co-founder, CEO & supervisory board