Simple, transparent investment in Swiss real estate

  • Share in the co-ownership of a Swiss property, from CHF 25'000.-


“An independent market valuation gave me the additional safety that I want to invest.”

Konrad P., apartment building St. Gallen

“Thanks to the independent market evaluation, I have felt reassured: it has given me the extra guaranty I needed and prompted me to invest.”

Martin S., apartment building St. Gallen

“I am basically interested in real estate investment, however the time needed for negotiation, etc. is too important. It is much easier to let crowdhouse proceed to the entire auditing and preparation.”

Gabriel Z., apartment building St. Gallen

“I have invested so I can have shares in an apartment building even with a small amount, without having to pay high premiums as in a real estate fund. It also allows me to diversify my assets.”

Franz S., apartment building St. Gallen

“From the beginning, I have liked the idea to be able to have shares as a co-owner in an physical, tangible existing Swiss income property even with a small capital.”

Christian K., apartment building St. Gallen

“I have saved so much time thanks to crowdhouse being in charge of the entire administration and professional preparation of the property, that I had no efforts to do, only the income to expect.”

Mark d. M., apartment building St. Gallen

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How it works

1. Select the property

Access to virtual tours, videos, photos and detailed documentation, without the hassle of the bidding process, lengthy negotiations or administrative tasks.

2. Aqcuire co-ownership

Determine the amount you wish to invest and once the co-owners are confirmed you transfer your part into the property account in the name of the co-owners.

3. Receive rental income

Crowdhouse takes care of the professional management of the property. Property earnings are presented quarterly to the board of co-owners.

4. Participate in performance

Each co-owner participates directly in the performance of the sale. Sell your co-ownership at any time or at the end of the term period. The proceeds are yours.

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